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MANYU: Traditional Rulers to 'traditionally punish' perpetrators of Mamfe District Hospital Fire

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The Association of Manyu Traditional Rulers has sworn by the ancestors to traditionally punish the perpetrators of the Mamfe District Hospital fire.

A spokesperson for the association made this declaration recently after meeting with other traditional rulers of the Division adding that the move is intended to render the perpetrators of the Mamfe District Hospital fire the punishment they deserve.

Meantime, the minister of Special Deputies at the presidency of the Republic, Victor Arrey Mengot Nkongho, has squarely blamed the separatists for the fire.

He made this accusation in an interview he granted to CRTV, Cameroon Calling on Sunday 26th June 2022.

According to Minister Mengot, the perpetrators of the act were influenced by Cameroonians abroad, who according to him, are frustrated and living on hire purchase, adding that these groups of persons are intolerant to divergent views.

He recalled that he too studied civil engineering abroad but came back to contribute to the development of the country.

BiVoundi24 News observes that Minister Mengot recently headed a delegation to deliver president Biya's assistance to the victims of that hospital fire.

The Mamfe District Hospital fire happened on Wednesday 8 June 2022.

BiVoundi24 News further observes that most Manyu traditional rulers leave away from their area of traditional rulership.

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