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Manyu: Residents take to the streets to protest the burning of hospital

Residents of Mamfe Manyu division of the Southwest Region, once again on Sunday 12 June 2022 took to the streets to denounce the burning of the Mamfe District Hospital.

This is the second time the inhabitants of Mamfe have taken to the streets to protest the burning of this hospital constructed in 1962 with some additional modern innovations.

The denizens of Mamfe spontaneously took to the streets on Wednesday 8th June the day the hospital was burnt to denounce the perpetrators of the act allegedly carried out by the separatists.

In the attack that took place around 11 pm, the arsonists burned down the old pharmacy and succeeded to set ablaze substantial parts of that medical institution. The new pharmacy, the mortuary, and the giant generator supplying lights to the hospital were spared.

According to eyewitnesses, the arsonists succeeded in ordering the patients out before setting the hospital ablaze. According to Government accounts, the hospital was set ablaze following a confrontation between the separatists and the military, a suggestion that has raised many questions than answers.

Observers doubt what the manyu people intend to achieve with their street protests. Meanwhile, BiVoundi 24 News has been informed the hospital management has set up a makeshift hospital to cater to the needs of the patients.

Meantime, the minister of Public Health has announced the hospital would be rebuilt.

In the course of the ongoing Anglophone crisis', three hospitals have allegedly been set ablaze by the separatists, beginning with the Kumba District Hospital on 10 February 2017; the Muyuka district hospital in Muyuka Fako Division, and now the Mamfe District Hospital.

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