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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The Mamfe District Hospital, Mamfe, Manyu division of the Southwest Region of Cameroon was set ablaze by separatists BiVoundi 24 News has been informed.

The attack took place on the night of Wednesday 8th June 2022. We gathered that separatists burnt part of the hospital, the newly constructed pharmacy, and some other structures attached to the hospital.

The old pharmacy and the mortuary were spared. No patient or hospital staff was killed, or wounded we have also been Informed.

According to one Mr. (Pa) Abunaw, whom we contacted in Mamfe, the separatists attacked the hospital because whenever any one of them is wounded in a confrontation with the military and taken to the hospital, the hospital staff alerts the military, and they are later taken out and executed.

This is the third Government hospital in the South West Region to have been set ablaze by the separatists in the course of the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

On February 10th 2017, the Kumba District Hospital, Upstation, Kumba 1 subdivision was set ablaze by the separatists . This was immediately followed by the burning of part of the structures of the Muyuka district hospital in the Fako Division.

On the 27th of April 2022, separatists burnt the mile 2 motor park at Okoyong. Three park workers were killed, and three others abducted.

On the eve of 11 February this year, separatists burnt down some of the dormitories housing students of the Queen of the Holy Rosary College Okoyong Mamfe. The same month, the separatists abducted 25 Catholic Seminarians at Bachou Akagbe.

Reports to the effect that there was a confrontation between the separatists and the military in the hospital could not be independently confirmed.

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