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Man has hundreds of erections a day and girlfriend says there’s ‘no rest’

A woman has opened up about her odd relationship with her lover, claiming that his up to 100 erections every day are exhausting her.

Vikki Brown, 31, and Lucas Martins, 39, happened to cross paths in a Morrisons grocery store line and have been in a passionate relationship ever since.

Vikki, however, claims that her partner's erections are so common that they can occur at any time, such as while shopping or getting a coffee.

Lucas even visited a doctor about it, who informed him that there was no medical problem.

He claims that before meeting Vikki, he had never experienced this and attributes it to her status as a "divine."

Vicky said: ‘We actually met in my favorite childhood supermarket Morrisons – I was in my uniform with wet hair and a mask on and as we were queuing up he walked around the corner with a massive piece of fillet steak in his basket and said: “wow aren’t you beautiful”.

‘We got speaking and I turned down three coffee dates at the start because I was so happy being on my own – we would never have met unless we bumped into each other in Morrisons.

‘In bed, it’s the same, he can go to sleep with an erection and wake up with one, even though he does night shifts there’s no change in it at all.

‘It’s every single place we are – we can be having a perfectly normal everyday conversation like “shall we go and climb this mountain next weekend” and he has an erection.


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