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Live Frog found in Vegetable bag shipped from Ethiopia to the UK

After traveling 5,800 miles from Africa to the North East, a frog was discovered in a package of fresh mint.

Minty (as nicknamed) was discovered in a sealed package brought from Ethiopia and hidden in a shop in Corbridge, Northumberland.

The fruit and vegetable vendor notified the RSPCA when a client discovered the amphibian clinging to leaves when they opened the herbs at home.

Minty is currently in the custody of RSPCA inspector Lucy Green, who is attempting to determine what kind of animal he is.

The buyer sent a photo of the frog to Reptilia, a specialist exotics center in Ossett, West Yorkshire, where he will eventually be relocated.

After that, experts will need to study him to determine his specific species.

Minty, on the other hand, is staying in Lucy's vivarium before embarking on her voyage.

"I have an exotics set-up at home, and Minty has been great under the lighting and heating," she explained.

"He's been eating well and isn't at all frail."

Animals unintentionally brought from other countries are rarely returned to their original habitat, according to the RSPCA, and are usually rehomed in specialist zoos or wildlife parks.

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