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Limbe: Alleged Separatists kill gendarme and commercial bike rider

The weekly Saturday Mile 4 market in Limbe Fako Division was on Saturday 11th June 2022 temporarily disrupted following the killing of one gendarme Officer and one commercial bike rider by some persons believed to be separatists who stormed the market in the afternoon we have been informed.

According to eyewitnesses, the gendarme Officer in full military regalia was deliberately targeted by the separatists, while the bike man, who entered the market to drop off a passenger was a victim of a stray bullet.

At the time of this despatch, it's still not clear what the gendarme came to do in the market.

Buying and selling and other activities in the market, our source hinted were temporarily halted as buyers and sellers abandoned their goods running helter-skelter before regrouping when the tension died.

We have been unable to establish whether any arrests were made as the unknown number of separatists who killed the gendarme and the bike rider successfully escaped into thin air.

Mile 4, due to the surrounding lush Forest and the CDC plantations serving as hideouts and remains one of the bastions of the separatists in Fako.

It's here that in February 2020, separatists allegedly set a government primary school ablaze and a year later, the separatists raided a private college and ordered all the students including females to strip naked. Their books were subsequently set burnt.

Some gendarmes and police officers manning the mile 4 checkpoint have been killed by the separatists.

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