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LEBIALEM: Population boycotts SDO'S installation

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

The Governor of the Southwest Region has appealed to the people of Lebialem dispersed because of the ongoing Anglophone crisis to return and reconstruct the Division.

Bernard Okalia Bilai was speaking recently to military men in Menji, as no civilian showed up to witness the installation of Abang Fabian as the new SDO of Lebialem. He then went on to register his disappointment that no civilian turned out to witness the installation of the new SDO, especially given the death of Lekeaka Oliver alias Field Marshall.

The installation exercise took place inside the SDO's office given the grandstand was submerged in the grass.

Okalia Bilai further went to accuse sons and daughters of Lebialem living abroad for using their education to destroy the Division.

Abang Fabian was appointed SDO of Lebialem in a presidential decree signed on 14 July

Before his recent appointment, he served as Divisional Officer of Alou.

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