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Kupe Manenguba SDO threatens to arrest contractors of abandoned Gov't projects

The Senior Divisional Officer of Kupe Manenguba Division in the Southwest Region has threatened to arrest contractors of abandoned government or public projects.

The SDO, Mungambo William Ekema, issued this threat in a communique addressed recently to contractors in his division of command.

The phenomenon of contractors abandoning public projects assumed a new high within the context of the ongoing Anglophone crisis, as contractors cite insecurity for being unable to execute public contracts.

Beneficiaries of the government projects doubt the seriousness and sincerity of the Kupe Manenguba Senior Divisional Officer, especially as some of them allegedly accuse these administrators of collecting bribes from them before giving them these contracts.

We also observe some of the juicy contracts are awarded in Yaounde; and some of the contractors are either Parliamentarians, Senators, friends, family members of ministers, or some top Government officials.

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