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Kumba: victim of mother Francisca school massacre slumps and dies on the day of commemoration

While the denizens of Kumba, Meme division, Southwest Region, were on Monday, October 24th, 2022, gathering at the various corners to commemorate the second anniversary of the seven students massacred at Campus of the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Fiango Kumba 2 subdivision, another unexpected and untold tragedy stroke.

Golden James, one of the 13 students who was wounded on that Saturday 24 October 2020 slumped and died.

Golden James and his mother who had gone for evangelism, at 3-corners were returning home to go to church to meet with other Christians to thank God for keeping him alive and to pray for the peaceful repose of the seven students, who died in the shooting. But it was not to be as he collapsed and died on the way.

He was taken to a nearby private hospital to no avail.

On the 24 of October 2022, unknown gunmen stormed the campus of the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Fiango Kumba 2 subdivision and instantly killed seven students. Thirteen of the students were seriously injured including Golden James, who later received several stitches in the hospital.

Even before any investigation was conducted, the Cameroon Government scapegoated the separatists for the massacre.

Though the school is fully authorized by the government to operate, one administrator went on to say the school was operating illegally during the period of the incident.

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