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KUMBA: Three children die from alleged food poison

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Three children have reportedly died at Soba's street around the Kumba-Buea road neighborhood after allegedly consuming poisoned bread laced with chocolate.

One of the children who also consumed the same bread and chocolate is currently battling between life and death at the Kumba District Hospital.

Two of the children belonged to one Mrs. Asumpta Abongwo, while the other child, Marvin Toh, 8 years was the daughter of Toh Sylvanus, a worker with Guinness SA.

While the cause of the death of the three children has not been medically established, some persons say the children died after inhaling pesticides spread around the area where they were playing.

Up until the time of writing this post, it is not clear whether the children bought the bread themselves, or someone gave them the bread. But some of the children who reportedly consumed the same bread are still alive with no signs of complications.

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