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Kumba: Security difuses an IED

A locally manufactured bomb popularly referred to as an improvised explosive device (IED) has successfully been detonated by the military in Kumba.

The IED was put inside a bag and placed beside the Tavern hotel along the Kumba Buea road around the hours of 7-8pm.

Some who suspected the contents of the bag immediately alerted the military who arrived and successfully deactivated the device before it went off. No one has claimed responsibility for placing the IED.

The Buea road area of Kumba is the busiest part of the town, especially on weekends, reason many believed the explosion was targeting persons who went out to enjoy themselves that evening in any of the drinking joints in that vicinity.

The use of IEDs has been rampant within the context of the Anglophone crisis.

The last IED, over a year ago, was planted at the main newspaper kiosk at Buea road beside the Kumba Central police station.

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