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KUMBA: Police justify the mass arrest of civilians; seizure of bikes

Police at the Kumba Central police station, Kumba 1, Meme Division, South West Region, have justified the arrest of over 400 civilians, especially at drinking joints, and the subsequent seizure of several commercial motorbikes on Sunday 26th June 2022.

Those arrested were released amidst the heavy downpour on Monday 27th June.

Denis Enownchong of the Kumba Central police station later told reporters that these arrests were carried out to fish out separatists and other criminals, adding "you know what has been taking place in the Northwest and Southwest regions."

Denis Enownchong, who was speaking to reporters on Tuesday, June 28th further revealed that those arrested with valid national identity cards, and those in possession of their valid bike documents were sent fee on Monday morning.

In a rare twist, those freed in possession of their ID cards, and valid bike documents confirmed they did not pay a dime to obtain their release.

The fate of those still held behind hangs in the balance.

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