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Kumba: Only One Muslim Registered for the HAJJ

Despite over one billion FCFA disbursed by the government of Cameroon to assist Muslims ready to travel to mecca for the 2022 Hajj, just one Muslim, a female in Kumba registered to attend the annual pilgrimage we have been informed.

This revelation was made to us on Sunday 5th June 2022 by Ibrahim Mohammad, the Iman of the main mosque in Kumba.

The Iman kicked off the interview by informing our reporter that the Hajj is an annual event, and pillar of Islam, adding that both Muslim males and females are free to attend the annual event provided the conditions are met.

For this year, the only variable condition is the payment of the fee of over 3 million FCFA per individual and a COVID-19 test.

He further disclosed that poverty is the main reason why most of the Muslims in Kumba would not be able to attend the 2022 pilgrimage.

Ibrahim Mohammad, who attended the Hajj in 1977 through Nigeria, revealed that every male Muslim who successfully attends the Hajj bags the title, Alhaji, while the female is crowned with the title Hajia.

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