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Kumba Muslim Faithfuls threaten to burn down a radio station for insulting Prophet Mohammad

Some irate Moslems, especially youths in Kumba, Sunday 3rd July 2022 threatened to burn down 'Ocean City radio' at the commercial avenue for insulting Prophet Mohammad.

The Muslims were provoked by a Pentecostal church pastor, who over the air that Sunday, allegedly insulted Prophet Mohammad.

The Muslim youth we gathered, calmed down by the Kumba 1 DO, himself Muslim, invited the station manager advising him to henceforth censure messages pastors preach on his radio.

Bello Mohammad is the brother of late Chief Adamu Uba, a prominent Muslim and militant with the CPDM, Cameroon's ruling party.

Contacted, he said he was not in town when the incident happened but heard a pastor went on-air and was insulting Prophet Mohammad. Mr. Bello added that if he wants to know more about Islam, he should recant from his faith.

The said pastor, Pastor Akwo Eseme is Bafaw and a Pentecostal church pastor.

According to him, when pastors go to the radio they should preach repentance, the cross and Christ crucified.

He further argued that a lot of wrongs going on within the Pentecostal church are due to ignorance and some pastors who style themselves anointed.

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