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KUMBA: Manyu Women turn down a request for a protest march against separatists for Akwaya killings

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Manyu women groups in the Southwest have been requested to stage protests against the separatists for the recent inter-tribal killings in Akwaya between the Olitis and the Mesaka we have been reably Informed.

One of the Manyu female group leaders, who asked not to be identified told our reporter that she had received a WhatsApp message from some prominent Manyu elite in Yaounde requesting leaders of the various Manyu women groups to carry out a protest march against the separatists for the killings in Akwaya, and to bribe the press to cover the protest march.

We observe that the recent killings in Akwaya pitted the Olitis against the masakas, over farmland and had nothing to do with the separatists.

Even the Moderator of the Presbyterian church, who hails from Akwaya has in a pastoral letter condemned the killing which he blamed on land issue.

We have further gathered that the Olitis were the ones who mobilized and attacked the Mesakas.

One of the Manyu women leaders, who permitted us to read the WhatsApp message sent to her, said, she would not risk her life to organise a protest march against the separatists for a few who are power and money hungry at the detriment of the majority.

There are several Manyu women groups in kumba we have been unable to confirm whether some of these groups would be willing to go ahead with such a venture.

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