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Kumba: Lawsuit between Mayor and Councilor to be settled out of court

The case between the Mayor of Kumba 1, Prince Barrister Eseme Moses Esembe and one of his councillors, Ebai Christopher, has been withdrawn for an out-court amicable settlement we have been informed.

Mayor Eseme Moses Esembe dragged his councillor, Ebai Christopher to court when the latter in one of the council sessions accused the Mayor of embezzling some money meant for the development of the municipality.

He even claimed the Mayor bribed him to keep quiet.

The Mayor denied the allegations made in the presence of the Second Assistant Senior Divisional Officer of Meme, Njonje Hermia, the head of security and other government officials and later headed to court.

Accosted, he told BiVoundi 24 News that he decided to go to court because as a lawyer he understood the implications of the allegations, especially given in the presence of security officials.

He later told BiVoundi 24 News that after achieving his objective to clear his name he has decided to withdraw the suit from the court for an in-house amicable settlement.

Contacted on Thursday 14 July, Ebai Christopher said he had also been informed the case has been withdrawn from Court for an amicable settlement in the presence of some councillors.

"I am just coming from Yaounde and have been informed that the Mayor has withdrawn the case from the court for an in-house settlement" adding, "I will believe if am no longer asked to appear before the court"

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