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KUMBA I: Women of Makata 3 and 4 quarters protest frequent ENEO power outage

Several females resident at the Makata 3 and 4 quarters, Kumba 1, Friday 5th August 2022, stormed the National Electricity Corporation (ENEO) Kumba 1, office along the Kumba-Buea road to register their complaints about the frequent power outages in the two neighboring quarters.

BiVoundi 24 News observes that these two quarters have been without electricity for several months due to a fallen ENEO transformer.

We further addressed the women, who were beating pot lids by the Kumba (ENOE) chief-of-center, who promised to install a new transformer at the latest, Tuesday.

The women were also calmed down by the Divisional Officer of Kumba 1, Ali Anougu.

We observe that this is not the first time women in these two quarters have taken to the streets to protest frequent (ENEO) power outages.

On the occasion of a recent protest over two months ago, the DO of Kumba 1 invited them and threatened them never to carry out any protest without consulting him.

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