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KUMBA: Divisional Officers request bike riders to register and identify with the Union

Ahead of the upcoming systematic control within Kumba town and its environs, the Divisional Officers of Kumba 1, Kumba 2, and Kumba 3 have requested all commercial bike riders within their respective subdivisions to register and identify themselves in their respective unions before 7 July 2022.

The DO's joint notice dated 24th June did not explain the reason for the control and when the control would kick off.

But one school of thought suggests that the control is aimed at controlling separatist activities in Kumba and its environs.

Thaddeus Mbunya is the president of Commercial bike riders in Kumba 2.

He told BiVoundi 24 yesterday that the DO's notice is aimed at checking the activities of separatists and miscreants in the society, adding that he is currently in the field to sensitize bike riders on the need to register and identify themselves in any union of their choice.

BiVoundi 24 News observes that this is the first time ever the Divisional Officers of Kumba 1, 3, and 3 have ever issued a joint communique.

The comminique was signed by Ali Anougu of Kumba 1, Edwin Nkenyang Ngwana of Kumba 2, and Ngalle Mende Alfred of Kumba 3.

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