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KUMBA: "Disability is not inability," Close The Gap

The president of a handicapped rights association based in Kumba known as "Close The Gap" has said, "disability is not inability."

Takang Arrey Ayuk, who is the Cameroon Country Coordinator of Disability Awareness made this declaration in a chat with BiVoundi 24 News at the end of the General Assembly of 'Close The Gap' that took place at the Divisional Delegation of Sports and Physical Education, Kumba on Saturday 18th June 2022.

He further explained that the meeting was specifically convened to properly prepare for the celebration of Disability Awareness Day coming on 17 July 2022.

Disability Awareness Day was birthed by a British man, Dave Thompson who is currently based in Warrington.

Arrey further explained that this event would be grandiose given, that what he termed able-bodied persons have also been invited, adding 'disability is not inability.'

He further revealed that Cameroon has not done enough to promote and highlight the cause of the disabled in the country because according to him the government feels physically challenged persons cannot contribute anything meaningful to the society. He added that disability is a state of the mind.

He revealed that he started Close The Gap with a few faithful followers. He regretted that some people want to unseat him because of the numerical growth and the progress the association has recorded.

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