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KUMBA: Corpses of Two Separatists Killed by the military were displayed for public viewing

The corpses of two Separatists fighters killed by the military in Teke Kumba 3 subdivision in the afternoon of Wednesday 8th June 2022 were later displayed for public viewing at the Kumba I roundabout opposite the area known as "beaucoup Des bars."

The two killed separatists whose identities we got as Ejoh alias Deco and Neville were gunned down by the military after they had set a roadblock to extort money and other valuables from drivers and passengers plying the Kumba Mamfe stretch of road.

The sophisticated weapons of the fighters were collected by the military. After they were neutralized, their corpses were displayed at 3-corners Mambanda for public viewing before being taken to the Kumba I main round for the same purpose.

Addressing the press at the military camp in Mambanda Kumba III and later at the Kumba I roundabout Meme Senior Divisional Officer, Ntou'Ndong Chamberlain lauded the collaboration between the population and the military which, according to him had resulted in the neutralization of the two notorious separatists fighters.

The SDO went to appeal to the fighters still in the bushes to lay down their arms and come integrate themselves into society. BiVoundi 24 News has been informed that the two neutralized amba have been a threat to not only to passengers along the Kumba Mamfe stretch of road but to farmers, especially females whom they kidnap for ransom.

The Kumba I main round has over the years served as a spot where the corpses of separatists killed by the military are displayed for public viewing.

The first-ever corpse of a Separatist displayed here was that of General Spirito killed in Bai Foe. The corpse of general Ayeke was transported in a military helicopter from Lebialem to this spot.

Last year, it was the corpse of general Mombasa that was displayed in this same spot.

The reason behind this move remains murky; though some quarters believe it is intended by the Administration to instill fear and to encourage separatists still in the bushes to lay down their arms or meet with a similar fate

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