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Kumba: Christians seal church, chase away pastors

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Some irate Christians of the Kumba town Presbyterian Church Kumba 1 subdivision Sunday 26th June 2022 drove their pastors from church and proceeded to seal the door of the church with locks and ropes BiVoundi 24 News has gathered.

The controversy centers around financial impropriety and the election of certain persons to key positions in the church.

According to one source, the chairman of that Parish was Allegedly imposed upon the Christians by the moderator in Buea.

This same group of Christians alleged that the current treasurer, the wife of a late senior customs Officer who they allege is corrupt is being protected by the local and national hierarchy of the church.

The Sunday, June 26 church service was supposed to be a communion service.

But just before the service proper started, the aggrieved Christians stormed the pulpit grabbed the microphone from the pastor and chased away the other pastors and Christians.

The doors of the church were later sealed with padlocks and ropes.

These Christians had sworn only the moderator can open the doors of the church.

As we write this morning, the doors of that church remained sealed.

We have gathered that all attempts by the Divisional Officer of Kumba 1, to cause the unsealing of the church have been futile.

Reverend Mary Wose Nduma, the presbytery secretary has not yet come out with any statement.

We observe the Presbyterian Church Kumba town is the mother of all the Presbyterian Churches in Kumba

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