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KUMBA: Bonakama Women Storm ENEO'S Office To Protest Frequent Power Outages

Women residing in Bonakama Quarters Kumba I subdivision, Thursday 9th June 2022 stormed the National Electricity Corporation Company (ENOE), office along Buea road to protest against frequent power outages in that quarter.

BiVoundi 24 News has been informed that the Bonakama neighborhood has been without electricity for over a month since the transformer supplying lights to that neighborhood got bad.

The women, who were chanting songs, some carrying children on their backs, were received by the ENEO's chief of center, who promised to dispatch the technical staff to mount a new transformer. The women agreed and went back.

The ENEO management as promised, immediately sent some of its technical staff with a transformer to mount in that quarter.

Immediately after the transformer was being mounted up the women burst into spontaneous songs of praise and worship to God for answering their prayers.

Frequent power outages in Kumba has of recently become the order of the day in the Kumba, Meme division. The case of Bonakama is just one case too many.

Some quarters, especially in the Fiango Kumba II subdivision have sometimes gone for over one month without electricity.

When there is epileptic or no power supply, especially in the dry season, the Government faults the drop in drop in the level of water in Edea, where the power supply comes. Similarly, when there are heavy rains and the electricity supply is negatively affected, the Government puts the blame squarely on an overflow of water.

BiVoundi 24 News observes that Government has never tendered an apology to its citizens for the frequent power outage, talkless of compensation, especially to individuals or businessmen, whose livelihood depends on the power supply.

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