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Kumba: 25 military elevated

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Twenty-five military men currently serving in Kumba have been elevated to various ranks in the military.

The epaulet award ceremony recently took place at the 6th Raid Intervention Battalion Brigade Mambanda, Kumba 3 subdivision under the command of the Deputy Commander, LT, colonel Zambo Nkoulou.

Twenty-four of those awarded epaulets were men and one female.

Ngonsou Labarac was elevated to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant by President Paul Biya, Commander in Chief of the Arm Forces; while the other 24 were elevated to the ranks of Warrant Officers and Sergeants by the Minister Delegate in charge of Defense at the presidency of the Republic, Joseph Beti Assomo.

Later LT Colonel Zambo praised the epaulets recipients for their hard work which according to him merited their promotion.

He reminded them that they are in a war zone and should do everything possible to establish peace.

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