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Kribi Highway's automatic toll booth will soon go operational

This is the pilot project of the 14 automatic tolls to be built by the Tollcam company.

It will be operational by the end of June, according to the Minister of Public Works (Mintp), Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi. The first automatic toll has already been built at Mbeka'a, on the Kribi-Lolabe highway (38.5 km) in the Ocean department (South). Its commissioning marks an acceleration of the construction of 14 modern toll units, initiated by the State in 2009.

The financing, design, construction, equipment, operation, and maintenance of these 14 automatic road toll booths on some of Cameroon's main roads, has increased from 31.2 billion FCFA to 36 billion FCFA. That is an increase of 5.8 billion CFA francs. Increase justified, according to Mintp officials, by "the international economic and financial situation of the moment.

Tollcam will build automatic toll booths in Nsimalen, Mbankomo, Tiko, Edea, Boumnyebel, Nkometou, Bayangam, Bafia, Mbanga, Manjo, Matezem, Foumbot, Dschang, and Bandja.

According to the agreement, the project to build the 14 automatic toll roads is expected to generate 300 jobs, 7 billion CFA francs in revenue in the first year of operation, and 53.59 billion CFA francs in projected revenue through 2039, based on a single tariff of 500 CFA francs. The share to be collected by the State of Cameroon is estimated at CFAF 5.482 billion in the first year of operation and about CFAF 49 billion in 2039.

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