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KOSALA: United Neighbors meeting thank God for perfection in creation

Christians of the ST Agnes Catholic Church Fiango in Kumba 2 subdivision, united under the umbrella of United Neighbor meeting Kosala block 5, Sunday 31st July 2022, showed up in Church to thank God for his blessings on their individual lives and the group in general.

These Christians and members of the group had accompanied one of their members, Ngufor Miriam, who went to Church to thank God that though, one of her sons was born with a defect he nonetheless, excelled with flying colors at his end-of-year class Examination in Secondary School.

The president of the meeting, Martin Etonge for his part, remarked that though born with a defect Karimbi Divine is a quiet, calm, and well-behaved child, who respects everyone irrespective of age.

The Reverend man of God for his part, taking his cue from the book of Genesis told the Christians and members of the group that in his infinite mercy, God created everything good and everybody perfect.

This is the second time members of this group have appeared in this same church to thank God for the group and for their individual lives.

The first time, we recall was when the group opened their uniform.

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