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KOSALA elebrates 'born and bred' priest

The Kosala neighborhood in Kumba 2 subdivision, and most especially the Catholic faithful, Sunday, June 26, 2022, celebrated the ordination of the first-ever Kosala "born and bred" Roman Catholic priest, Reverend Father Thomas Nkemasong.

The celebration that took place at the Saint Agnes Parish Kosala was attended not only by the Lebialem people but also by friends and schoolmates of Rev. Nkemasong within and without.

Born in Kosala, Thomas Nkemasong also attended Government Secondary School Kosala before proceeding to the seminary to become a priest.

A college of other priests was also in attendance. He was enjoined by the parish priest of Saint Agnes church Kosala to win souls for Christ and to bring many to salvation.

When asked why priests don't marry, he said marriage is a distraction.

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