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Judith Yah Sunday Achidi to head the 'Achidi Achu Foundation'

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The wife of the one-time prime minister of the country, Simon Achidi Achu, Judith Yah Sunday has been chosen to chair the Achidi Achu Foundation, whose aim is to continue to promote the humanitarian works of the fallen statesman valued throughout his lifetime.

Judith Yay Sunday Achidi who doubles as the General manager of Cameroons Communication (CAMEL) was chosen to head the husband's foundation on the occasion of the launch that took place in Yaounde on Saturday, July 9th, 2022.

"The Achidi Achu Foundation will represent the legacy and continue the good works of the former prime minister," Judith Yah Sunday said, adding "we thank God for the life of our hero Simon Achidi Achu and we want to make sure he is not forgotten."

Among Achidi's legacy was his love for agriculture and support for the poor, which the foundation will incarnate.

He is also credited with providing scholarships to thousands of children across the board, the reason the foundation announced it will be pursuing this legacy of his by ensuring children of all ages go to school, especially in rural communities.

The launching of the foundation took place simultaneously with the memorial service of the fallen statesman.

The foundation is structured into namely: The executive board, Board of Trustees, and Advisers.

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