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Incarcerated former Minister of Defense of Cameroon seen with a glass of champagne in court

Photos of former Minister Mebe Ngo'o at the Special Criminal Court of Yaoundé are causing controversy on the web. We discover the former Minister of Defense proudly presenting himself in court, proof that he has high morale, despite his incarceration.

As a recall, Minister Mebe Ngo'o was arrested and incarcerated at the Yaounde maximum security prison on charges of embezzlement. Preliminary investigative reports link the former minister to a colossal fortune and material possessions such as:

  1. 53 houses

  2. 24 bank accounts in France with a total of nearly 781,200 euros.

  3. 21 bank accounts in Cameroon with over 300 million FCFA

  4. 32 luxury vehicles

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