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Hon. Etombi Gladys assists victims of Limbe flood

The member of parliament for the Fako East constituency, Hon. Etombi Gladys has assisted victims of the Limbe floods.

The event took place at the Limbe City Council, Down Beach on Monday 18th July 2022

Before handing out the gift, Honorable Etombi Gladys said she came to sympathize with the victims of the Limbe floods, adding "we cannot reach out to everyone, but the most vulnerable."

The gifts, which were handed to over 100 persons included mattresses, blankets, and some cash money.

"We don't know when natural disaster can occur but we can reduce the impact by living our lives properly," she advised.

She further advised people to properly dispose of waste, and remove plastic from waterways.

The mayor of Limbe 1, Florence Eposi was also present.

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