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Hon. Cabral Libii's reaction to Cameroon's official Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) price

Cabral Libii, Cameroon's opposition leader and president of the PCRN party has taken to social media to decry what he terms the exorbitant cost of doing the Hajj.

In a Facebook publication, the politician compared Cameroon's official cost which stands at FCFA 3,294,000 to that of neighboring countries like Chad and CAR offering similar services for FCFA 2.5 million or slightly more. Honorable Cabral Libii says the cost is "abusive" and "unacceptable." He has given a number of proposals in order to remedy the situation.

Hon, Cabral Libii's proposal

  1. Free COVID testing for participants;

  2. Ease of administrative procedures and a return to decentralization;

  3. The removal of opacity in the process of recruiting executives;

  4. The reform of the HAJJ commission so that its presidency is ensured by a Muslim who has already participated in the HAJJ guarantees a better understanding of the issues related to it.

What is the Government's justification for the price hike as compared to 3 years ago?

Minister Atanga Nji of the MINAT in a May 27 statement, outlined certain reasons to justify a price increase. These include:

- The high exchange rate of the dollar;

- The increase in the price of Moassassa services by the Saudi authorities;

- The increase in VAT from 5% to 15%.

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