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Hajj 2022: Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Holders Will Be Excluded | Atanga Nji Paul

The Hajj is only open to vaccinated Muslims under the age of 65 this year. It doesn't stop the Cameroonian authorities from warning pilgrims about fake Covid-19 immunization pamphlets.

One of the health needs for travel is the coronavirus vaccine.

The vaccine against the coronavirus is one of the health restrictions associated to travel, according to Saudi officials' prescriptions.

The Minister of Territorial Administration (Minat) has issued an invitation to all pilgrims to show a legitimate vaccination booklet in this regard. Paul Atanga Nji, the head of the National Hajj Commission, signed a statement on Saturday, June 11.

"Any pilgrim carrying a fake or falsified vaccination brochure will be automatically excluded, pending legal action," he added.

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