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Government to rehabilitate the Tiko-Douala highways

The government has announced that it will rehabilitate the Tiko-Douala highway in the days ahead.

This follows the violent floods that hit the Tiko subdivision, FAKO Division, Southwest Region due to torrential rainfall on Saturday 9th July 2022.

The Director-General of Infrastructural Works revealed the imminent rehabilitation of the road at the ministry of public works. Mbole Benoit Parfait, led a delegation to Tiko to evaluate the damages caused on the highway due to the Saturday flood.

Mbole, who was accompanied by the Divisional Officer of Tiko, Voh Armstrong, the Mayor of Tiko, Chief Mesoso, as well as the Director of General Studies at the ministry of public works evaluated the bridges, culverts, and areas affected by the flood along the road stretch from Mutengene to Misselelle.

Addressing the press, the head of the delegation said the visit was at the behest of the minister of public works to assess the damage caused by the flood and to propose solutions to tackle the problem of the floods adding that apart from natural causes uncivil behavior could be responsible for the flood.

At each stop of their visit, the Divisional Officer and Mayor of Tiko provided additional information while emphasizing that buildings along the waterways must be demolished to prevent future disasters.

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