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Francis Ngannou contract: Dana White provides update on his future

Givemesport | Dana White is optimistic. Despite the UFC's apparent desire in switching to boxing, Francis Ngannou will sign a new contract with the organization.

At UFC 270 in Anaheim, California, the French-Cameroonian, 35, successfully defended his heavyweight title with a unanimous decision victory over Ciryl Gane.

Ngannou, on the other hand, is said to be dissatisfied with the conditions of his current UFC contract, accusing the organization of treating him like garbage.

Despite his public fight with Ngannou's agent, Marquel Martin, White has maintained his optimism that they will be able to reach an agreement.

"He's been in Cameroon visiting his family," White explained to ESPN. "He's going to get back here in the next couple of weeks and we're supposed to get together."

"Listen, the only man we've ever not signed in the history of this organization was Fedor [Emelianenko]."

"I mean, he's the only player we've never signed."

"So, you know, I'm hopeful and optimistic that we'll be able to reach an agreement with Francis."

Meanwhile, Ngannou has publicly aired his displeasure with the UFC leadership and stated that he has no intention of signing a new contract at this time.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Cameroon's first and only UFC champion addressed his contract status, saying, "You can be free and compete for the UFC."

"All I want is to be free." We are meant to be self-employed. In theory, an independent contractor is a free person.

"That's why they need to make some changes to the deal." That's what I've been battling for all these years. They keep you in captive for the duration of the contract and whatever they put into it.

"There's nothing you can do." You have no legal standing. Even though the deal is one-sided, you still have nothing.

"Even though you're putting your body on the line to put on the show, you don't have health insurance."

"You're putting your life on the line. There are numerous items. We are not covered by insurance.

“Nothing. As an independent contractor, I recognize that there are no guarantees, but treat me as such if I am.

"Make it explicit in the contract whether I'll be an employee or an independent contractor." It's a jumbled mess.

"That's probably the aspect of this that I despise the most: how they have all the cards and the ability to simply annihilate you."

"They just take you down as soon as you don't say yes."

"There's something wrong with me when it comes to those kinds of things; I can't stand it."

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