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Former Kumba police boss laid to rest

One-time Kumba Central Post security boss Sona Ericson Matuke has been laid to rest in his native town of Kumba.

Sona Ericson Matuke, who died in the month of April was interred on Saturday 14th May 2022 after a very-much attended church service at Presbyterian Church Kumba Mbeng Buea road.

In her homily, the Rev Mary Wase Nduma said that God remains their only comforter and went on to appeal to same to draw closer to God for death unheralded is the ultimate appointment for every human being on earth.

After the church service, the mortal remain of Sona Ericson Matuke was conveyed to the Kumba central police station, where the representative of the Delegate General of National Security, Diabe Wilfred Muabe together with the colleagues of the late policeman paid their last respect

Diabe Wilfred Muabe also conveyed the sympathies of the Delegate General of National Security to the family of the late policeman before the corpse was draped with the national colors.

Before his retirement, Sona Ericson Matuke also served as Commissioner of public security in Lebialem in the southwest region.

A former student of Government Secondary School Nyasosso in Kupe Maneguba division sat for the police entrance Examination in 1980, where he graduated as Inspector of police

He was born on May 20th, 1960

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