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FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup Draw Procedures

Do you have any questions about the group stage draw procedure?

FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup Pots

Based on the FIFA ranking issued on March 31, 2022, there are four seeding categories.

FIFA Pots Explained

Pot 1 includes the hosts Qatar as well as the top seven qualified teams. The next eight highest-ranked qualifiers are in Pot 2, followed by the next eight best-ranked qualifying teams in Pot 3. The next five highest-ranked qualified clubs, as well as the two intercontinental play-off winners and the last UEFA play-off winner, are all in Pot 4.

The anticipation for the 2022 World Cup is mounting as Qatar prepares to host the sport's most prestigious football tournament, which will be broadcast to billions of people across the world.

Teams have been reserving their spots in the competition, and we will soon learn who will be representing each country. The teams must, however, be divided into groups before the competition can begin.

With the group stage draw for the 2022 World Cup approaching, we have all you need to know about how it works, seeding, and more.

General Procedure

The 32 teams that qualified for the World Cup are split into four groups (pots) of eight.

Each pot contains eight teams, which are divided into eight groups. Pot 1 is the first to be emptied, followed by Pot 2, Pot 3, and finally Pot 4.

A ball will be picked from the team pot and assigned to one of eight groups, ranging from A to H.

Draw limitations

The draw contains a number of limitations. These are:

  1. Qatar is represented by a different color ball and is assigned to position A1 as the host.

  2. The remaining seven top seeds are then placed in groups B through H as the primary teams.

  3. FIFA's general rule is that each qualification zone should only have one team in each group. This means that, for example, Brazil cannot be linked with Ecuador. The principle, however, does not apply to UEFA teams.

  4. Each group must feature at least one UEFA team, but no more than two. With 13 spots set out for European teams, five of the eight groups will feature two representatives from that continent.

Get FIFA Draw Procedures here

FIFA 2022 Qatar World cup Final Draw Procedures with qualification
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