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"Field Marshall" finally buried by BIR at Mambanda

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Controversy is still looming in the air concerning the death and subsequent burial of Lebialem separatists kingpin Oliver Lekeaka alias Field Marshall at 3-corners Mambanda by elements of the Military Rapid Intervention Force, BIR, especially given that lesser known separatists fighters killed by the military were ferried to Yaounde for burial.

The body of Oliver Lekeaka was carted away for burial after being displayed at the BICEC junction roundabout for public viewing.

It is unclear who killed the separatists' fighter but numerous reports say he was killed by his own boys on July 12.

The Government has not come out with any official statement regarding the death of the separatists' fighter.

Before his death, field Marshall has been seriously hunted by the government.

The point of contention we note is that the corpses of lesser-known Ambazonian fighters like General Mba Ivo of Teke and General Spiritus of Bai Foe, among others were conveyed to Yaounde for burial after the public viewing exercise; then what about the corpse of the Field Marshall who was number on government most-wanted list.

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