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Felix Tonye Mbog, man who renamed the national team of Cameroon, "INDOMPTABLES LIONS", is no more

Felix Tonye Mbog, who served as Cameroon's Minister of Sports and Physical Education from 1972 to 1980, passed suddenly. He gave the name Indomitable Lions to Cameroon's national team.

Early this morning, Felix Tonye Mbog, the founder of the Indomitable Lions, passed away. The former Minister of Youth and Sports passed away today Saturday, July 2, 2022, in the early hours.

He was the one who gave the Cameroonian national team the nickname "Indomitable Lions." At the behest of President Ahidjo, it was this guy, who was also the Minister of Sports at the time, who gave the Cameroon soccer team the moniker "Indomitable Lions."

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