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FAKO: The Construction of the Likomba Bridge kicks off

The construction of The Likomba Bridge, in the Tiko subdivision, Fako Division, Southwest Region, kicked started Tuesday 3rd January 2023. The Likomba bridge as popularly known is the bridge facing the main road leading to Likomba native and to the market.

The construction of the bridge which will last for four months would allow two vehicles to use the bridge at the same time.

Addressing the population at the construction site, the mayor of the Tiko council, Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III, said the construction of the bridge is a reality and not in his words, "politics" adding money is available to go through with the construction.

Chief Mesoso, further told the population that the construction of the Likomba bridge is the fulfillment of one of his campaign promises to the people of Likomba before taking office.

He urged the population to stop "asking for support" given it will benefit everyone in Likomba, including those asking for support.

He appealed to the contractor to employ mostly indigenes of Likomba in the construction work.

The Likomba Traditional Council later poured libation to signal the start of the construction of the Likomba Bridge.

The Mayor of Tiko, Chief Mesoso is a native of Likomba, himself.

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