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FAKO: New SDO told to check the creation of illegal villages and Chiefdoms

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The New Senior Divisional Officer of Fako Division, Southwest Region, has been informed of the illegal creation of villages and Chiefdoms.

The Governor of The Southwest Region, Bernard Okalia Belai, was speaking on the occasion of the installation of Mr. Chai-Bou as the new SDO of FAKO, which took place on Saturday 23rd July 2022.

In his address, the governor pinpointed the activities of the new SDO; to maintain peace and stability, solve the existing problems, and stop the creation of new villages and the illegal appointment of chiefs.

He called on the new administrator to fight against urban insecurity, terrorism, and kidnapping with ransom land disputes.

He further appealed to Mr. Chai-Bou to serve the population without partiality and for the population to assist the administrator In his day-to-day activities, adding that "there is no bad administrator."

Mr Chai-Bou took over from Engamba Emanuel Ledeaux ,.He was appointed by presidential decree No:2022/302of 14 July 2022.

Born in 1955 in Ndikiminiki in the Center Region, he is married and a father of three.

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