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Ex-separatist threatens to pick up arms against the government of Cameroon

Repentant separatist fighter, Leonard Nanje (aka General Nambere) threatens to pick up arms against the government of Cameroon.

In a video that has been circulating on various social media platforms since June 3, addressed mainly to the Prime Minister and Head of Government, the ex_separatist fighter said he has often been loyal to the prime minister like a son, adding that he had come to realize that he is no longer needed because he had been used and dumped.

In the 10-minute video, Nambere said that Biya's regime has stopped focusing on him and he is now treated as a village palm wine tapper.

BiVoundi 24 News recalls that Nambere, operating from Ndian Division in the South West Region, was among the first separatist fighters who answered the government's call for separatists to drop arms and join one of the two DDR centers in the Northwest or Southwest Regions.

In the same video, Nambere claimed whenever he asks for money from the regime to purchase cooking gas or any other article he is asked to come the next day.

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