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Eric Nicksick: "Francis Ngannou has super-human strength"

"If you're really intimidated from the comfort of your couch by the way Francis Ngannou hits his opponent, think about the pain Eric Nicksick feels daily in his hands and sometimes in his head."

These are the words of Eric Nicksick who has been Ngannou's coach since 2017 in a fascinating interview with the MMA Fighting website, Francis Ngannou's new trainer talks about the hell that training with the man who hits like a Ford can be.

"Francis Ngannou has already managed to hit me through the bear paws. When I catch his hooks, sometimes my own hand flies into my mouth because he is so powerful and hits hard. He's so powerful that I've been knocked unconscious by my own hand after stopping one of his punches. The same thing when we train on the floor, he throws elbows and my head ricochets on the mat..."

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