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EDIKI: separatists kill DDR former comrade-in-arms

A former separatist fighter has been shot dead by comrades-in-arms.

Sona Simon Nganya, who dropped his arms and was integrated into the DDR center in Buea, was on Sunday 22nd May 2022 at EDIKI along the Kumba-Buea road shot dead by his former colleagues we have gathered.

The repentant amba boy, we gathered was a separatist in Nguti before joining the DDR center.

We further gathered that Sona Simon Nganya. was on his way to Kumba to participate in a local football game before meeting with his Waterloo. How the other separatists still carrying arms against the government got wind of his movement remains murky.

It is highly speculated that his movement could have been leaked by someone in the DDR who still pay allegiance to Sona's former armed group.

Over two years ago the Government created DDR centers in the Northeast and Southwest regions to accommodate ex-combatants. The whereabouts of the corpse of the slain Sona Simon Nganya remain unknown.

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