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EDIKI: separatists abduct businesswoman

Following the break of hostilities between the separatists and the Cameroon Government forces over four years ago, the Kumba Buea stretch of road has become a nightmare for both drivers and passengers, as hardly a day goes by without someone being abducted, or there being an exchange of gunfire between the Republican Forces and the separatists.

The latest victim of this uncertain stretch of road is Quinta Orock, resident at Kosala 2 in Kumba 2 subdivision.

She was abducted at EDIKI along the Kumba-Buea stretch of road, on a business trip to Douala on Saturday 22nd May 2022 by gunmen believed to be separatists.

The whereabouts of Quinta Orock, who tied the nuptial knot over a month ago remain murky as no group or group of persons has claimed responsibility, or demanded ransom

Kidnapping for ransom along the Kumba Buea road, and other parts of the Anglophone regions has become almost a daily phenomenon following the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis.

The abduction of Quinta Orock along this stretch of road is one case too many. At the time of this report, the fate and whereabouts of businesswoman Quinta Orock remain murky.

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