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Dubai scraps 30% alcohol tax and license fee

Dubai has suspended its 30% alcohol tax in what appears to be an effort to increase tourism.

Additionally, it will discontinue charging for personal alcohol licenses, which are required for anyone planning to consume alcohol.

From January 1, 2023, personal liquor licenses will be free-to-obtain for those eligible to legally purchase alcoholic beverages in Dubai. A valid Emirates ID, or Passport for tourists, will still be required to apply.

For some time now, Dubai has loosened its restrictions, allowing alcohol sales during Ramadan in the open air and enabling home delivery during the period.

In response to competition from nearby cities, it is believed that this most recent action is an effort to make the city more appealing to foreigners.

Citing Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI) spokesman, Tyrone Reid told AP, "These recently updated regulations are instrumental to continue ensuring the safe and responsible purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages in Dubai and the UAE."

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