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Douala 'Rapid Bus Transit Project' to go Operational in 2023

The World Bank's Board of Directors gave this project a CFAF 260.8 billion loan in July of last year. This funding covers 77.8% of the project's overall cost. The non-concessional window of the World Bank, the IBRD, will provide CFAF 125.6 billion, and the concessional window (IDA), CFAF 135.2 billion.

A total of 291.9 billion FCFA, or 87% of the project's expenditure, would be spent to build the BRT network. 28 km of completely segregated bus lanes with interchanges, 44 stops, four terminals, sewers, water supply, street lighting, the acquisition of buses, or the deployment of a traffic control system, are all part of the building project. Project management, institutional and professional capacity building for current public transportation providers and urban development near BRT stations will be done using the remaining FCFA 43 billion.

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