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Douala - Cameroon: Who is HRH Louis Din Dika? New king of the Akwa

He succeeds his father, Sa Majesté King Charles David King Din Dika Akwa III, who died on December 8, 2020.

Sa Majesté Louis Din Dika Akwa, the second son of the deceased Roi, is 42 years old. Born on December 7th in Douala, where he spent his childhood, he completed his secondary education in Bafoussam, where he earned his baccalaureate in 1998 at the lycée Bilingue de Bafoussam.

After being brilliantly accepted at the Faculté de Médecine des Sciences Biomédicales (Fmsb), formerly Cuss, he returned to Yaoundé for his secondary studies. His education is backed up with a medical degree earned in 2005.

As a result, he embarks on a successful medical career. Following his graduation from high school, the young Prince is assigned to the Limbé Regional Hospital, where he oversees the unit in charge of Vih/Sida patients. There's still time until 2009.

Due to a growing desire to improve, he enrolls at the Université d'Etat de Liège in Belgium, where he will pursue a specialization in public health. He is named Médecin Chef du district de Limbé upon his return to Cameroon in 2011. He advances one year and four months later to become the Chief of Division of the Health Brigade at the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Health of the Littoral, where he is in charge of monitoring and evaluation.

Married and the father of two children, "docta", as he is affectionately known, begins a worldwide career in 2015. He works as a physician consultant with Sabin Vaccine Institute, a health organization that is a partner of the OMS and UNICEF. He is based in Edmonton, Alberta. Since 2018, he has worked as an epidemiologist for the Canadian government as part of a public health program that serves a number of Alberta cities.

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