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"Doctors Without Borders" suspends its activities in SW Cameroon

As communicated by the organization, Doctors Without Borders is forced to suspend all its activities as of this March 29, 2022, in all private and government structures in the Southwest region of Cameroon.

"Despite our efforts to bring aid to needy people and communities, the current climate does not allow MSF to continue working in this region," the NGO said.

"Doctors Without Borders' ability to operate freely has been hampered by the tense climate between the NGO and the authorities, who accuse it of complicity with separatist groups in the South West," MSF noted in a statement Tuesday.

Reacting to an accusation by the government of aiding and treating a wounded "fighter" in one of the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, MSF responded with a statement saying that the emergency center had received a call reporting an injured person in the Tinto health zone.

Last August, MSF also announced its withdrawal from the Northwest region, which is the other English-speaking region of Cameroon, where its activities had been suspended since December 2020.

It had packed its bags in that region following accusations by the government. In a tweet, Agbor Balla Nkongho, a defender of human rights and the "Anglophone cause", said that this decision by MSF is "extremely sad" for the South West region, which is not only involved in the security crisis but has also been hit by a cholera epidemic since last January.

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