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Countries send officials ahead of Africities Summit slated for May

The Standard | A number of countries have begun sending advance teams to Kisumu in preparation for the Africities Summit in May.

Preliminary surveying and research will be conducted by the advance teams.

For the past week, a team from Cameroon has been in Kisumu, Kenya, preparing for the country's delegation.

The conference is planned to attract about 150 persons from Cameroon, including 10 governors, two ministers, ten mayors from major cities, and 30 mayors from smaller towns.

More than 140 delegates have been requested by the Cameroon delegation.

Governor Anyang' Nyong'o said the Cameroon team had been authorized to fly directly to Kisumu by Kisumu International Airport manager Celine Gor during a press conference.

"We've also talked about what kind of cooperation we can have with this advance team." They went to the port and spoke with Lakefront Development Corporation personnel. We have a lot in common because Cameroon is a water country, and this will be the foundation of our future relationship," Nyong'o added.

The Tourism and Regulatory Board, according to Nyong'o, is pleased that the region has enough hotels to accommodate visitors.

The county has examined roughly 360 hotels with a total of 9,300 rooms that have been approved to welcome the participants by the Tourism Regulatory Board.

The Cameroon urban director, Jean Aloise, said they are in Kisumu to prepare for the large delegation traveling to the summit.

He explained that Cameroon celebrates its national day on May 20, 2022, and that because they will be in Kisumu, they must locate a suitable location for the delegates to celebrate. "We've met with various officials in order to plan for meetings between our delegations and theirs." We are relieved that the governor has informed us that our delegation will be able to travel directly to Kisumu, which would be more convenient for us because we are a large group," Aloise remarked.

Between May 17 and May 22, Africities will take place. A total of 10,000 people are expected to visit the county.

Until May 25, the county government has issued an executive order prohibiting anyone from erecting campaign billboards or posters within the city limits of Kisumu.

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