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Colonel Joël Emile Bamkoui will not be promoted to General

The President of the Republic Paul Biya recently signed a decree sending some officers of the defense forces into retirement. This is about thirty officers including Colonel Joel Emile Bamkoui, head of the division of military security at the Ministry of Defense, according to Decree No. 2022/206 of June 7, 2022, on the retirement for age limit of rank and payment in the mobilizable reserve of some officers of the defense forces.

The famous colonel will retire on April 03, 2023. That is to say in 10 months. He will be 68 years old. But he has been placed in the mobilizable reserve until April 03, 2026. That is to say for a period of three years from the date of retirement. In other words, he will continue to receive his salary normally until the end of the mobilizable period of three years.

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