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CDU calls for urgent action on the Anglophone crisis

The Cameroon Democratic Union of late Adamu Ndam Njoya has appealed to his fellow members of parliament to discuss the Anglophone crisis.

Honorable Cupid Adamu was speaking to the press on Thursday 9th June 2022 after the opening of the June session of parliament. The Cameroon parliament meets three times a year, though there is provision for an extraordinary session.

In the interview, the CDU parliamentarian said it is high time for his fellow lawmakers to take a stand and discuss the anglophone problem.

BiVoundi 24 News notes that though parliamentarians in countries like Britain, the US Congress and Senate, and the EU parliament have several times discussed the Anglophone problem, the parliament in Cameroon has never made even a passing reference to the crisis.

Whenever the crisis is brought up in parliament for discussion, the CPDM uses its absolute majority to squash the issue.

The Cameroon Parliament meets three times a year, with the last and final session to take place in November.

Whether the CDU member of parliament appeal would be heeded by other lawmakers, especially those of the majority CPDM remains a matter of conjecture

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